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Dr. Valerie Baul, PhD, MBA


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Leadership and
Life Coaching

What are you waiting for? I know that life has been tough lately, but it's time to transform your life and have the successful future of which we all dream. Let VB & Associates,  I AM ...Coaching Services help with personal or professional growth challenges so that you, like all of our clients, can create your very best future!

It's time for you to take your life back. We have  the tools that will help make this happen, for you.  A better future is waiting with open arms just ahead! Book a free consultation today!

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Group Travel,
Retreats and Events

"I love to travel so much that I created the Business Retreat Club, which helps women in leadership (and their spouses) get away and do what they need for themselves with a focus on self-care.


There are also group coaching sessions where you can learn how to be more confident as a Leader and an opportunity to "Get away and Get It Done"  whatever it is!

VB can also  help you plan exciting group travel for your  business or personal group.


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At VB and Associates, we are passionate about creating a brighter future for our clients. Our team of experts provides leadership coaching.

Dr. Valerie Baul, Ph.D., MBA   "aka Coach Val" aims to deliver inspiration, training, and results to Leaders, both emerging and well-respected.  She has a passion for helping women reach their full potential. She  specializes in holistic life and leadership coaching, bringing balance, wellness, and resources to you so you can live your best life.

Valerie loves to travel so she Created the Retreat Club to help Women in Leadership "Get away" or simply "Refresh, Reset, and Restore" at her SPA retreats. Dr. Baul also curates group travel for business or pleasure. 

 Book a free consultation today at 302-308-7133.

The I AM Way
Dr. Baul's Leadership Model


  • Self-discovery and self-management

  • Personal assessments

  • Personality and temperment

  • Gifts and talents

  • Wellness

  • Purpose

  • Career and entrepreneurship


  • Execution of goals and objectives

  • Communications

  • Accountability and results



  • Leadership skills

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Relationship skills and management

  • Self-mastery

  • Balance

  • Stress-free living

  • Wealth

  • Wellness

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Past Client Experiences

"Coach Val helped us expand our brand to a level we never thought possible. Thank you, Coach Val , for believing in us and helping us to brand and market our Radio and TV Network. You have truly been a blessing." Heart Ministry Radio

Brenda Divers, Founder/CEO

Thank you for helping me publish my book and develop the marketing materials for the book launch. It was very successful!"

Dr. Vilicia Cade

My one-on-one coaching experience started with Coach Val in the spring of 2017. She was instrumental in helping me to hone into my passion of following God’s call to minster to woman. Her mentoring gift is “off the chain”! She has other gifts in the areas of speaking life into dormant situations, thinking outside the box when approaching concerns of a new start-up and teaching. Coach Val has a God-given gift of spiritual discernment. Often during our sessions, she zeroed in and helped me to give focus to the ministry charges God place on my heart when I was not able to fully articulate them. When I was ready to launch my business, she expertly designed my website and company brand to my specifications. Coach Val truly loves walking alongside others helping them to reach their goals. Additionally, she personally cares for the souls God places in her life as she prays for their concerns lifting them before the Lord. This woman is excellent at what she does! Her spirit continues to inspire me!
You so rock, Coach Val!!!

Dr. Glenda Brown

VB and Associates

260 Chapman Road
Commonwealth Building, Suite 104
Newark, DE 19702


Thanks for reaching out!

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